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Purpose and Activities
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Purpose and Activities
With the goal of helping union members and their families realize a life of ease and affluence, we not only negotiate for better wages and shorter working hours; we also participate in industrial policy making, government affairs, and other activities to resolve the many other problems that cannot be solved by labor negotiations alone.

Organizational Activities image Organizational Activities
Survey and PR activities to expand and strengthen the organization, educational activities for members, etc.
Policy Activities image Policy Activities
Policy activities to create a safer, cleaner workplace, to fully develop the electric power industry, and to improve the livelihood of the people.
Social Welfare Activities image Social Welfare Activities
Activities to expand and strengthen the DENRYOKU SOREN mutual aid system and pension plan.

Lifestyle Betterment Activities Lifestyle Betterment Activities
"Spring offensive" (labor negotiations), negotiations for bonus/lump-sum payments, reduced hours, etc.
Co-op Activities image Co-op Activities
Strengthening of electric power co-ops, etc.

Political Activities image Political Activities
Political activities directed at realizing a life of affluence and comfort by accepting political responsibility through participation in planning.

International Activities image International Activities
Exchanges with overseas friendship organizations and overseas study.

Social Contribution Activities image Social Contribution Activities
Social contribution activities aimed at contributing internationally and creating regional coexistence.

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